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Lesson 1: factious, ignoble, boor, aegis, perspicacity, fervent, rectify, enervate, besiege, ephemeral, altruism, carrion, erotic, amorphous, opulent
Lesson 2: antithesis, bauble, bestial, bland, chagrin, diaphanous, effete, emendation, gloat, impediment, impotent, labyrinth, maelstrom, nihilism, shard
Lesson 3: adventitious, ambiguous, bona fide, cataclysm, deviate, edify, extenuate, fecund, glower, impale, importune, obfuscate, optimum, parochial, pedestrian
Lesson 4: baroque, besmirch, celibate, debacle, demeanor, facetious, fortuitous, hedonism, imperative, obloquy, perfunctory, quasi-, recapitulate, sacrosanct, sadistic
Lesson 5: bowdlerize, carnal, deference, ebullient, elegy, fop, impair, imprecation, nebulous, non sequitur, panegyric, pedantic, quandary, rakish, sanguine
Lesson 6: affluence, amoral, antipathy, banal, bedlam, denouement, elucidate, eschew, imminent, obdurate, onerous, parody, peruse, scurrilous, sedulous
Lesson 7: adroit, affectation, bovine, callow, dichotomy, fatuous, ferret, knell, laconic, macroscopic, patent, peccadillo, quiddity, rationalize, sagacious
Lesson 8: agape, carcinogen, censure, deride, gambol, gibe, grotesque, hackneyed, immolate, imperious, martinet, neologism, olfactory, quagmire, recondite
Lesson 9: blanch, chimerical, eclectic, finesse, grandiose, harbinger, heterogeneous, hybrid, idiosyncrasy, machination, masochist, nubile, pejorative, raiment, sapient