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Conduct Expectations: All students are expected to follow these guidelines each day.
Be Prompt: Get to class on time and be seated when the bell rings. Take care of all “personal business” before the bell (sharpen your pencil, throw away trash, etc.) Students should be ready to read when the bell rings. Tardy students will be required to provide a written explanation for their tardiness.
Be Prepared: Bring supplies to class every day. Students may write with pencil, blue pen, or black pen. Students must have the following supplies each day: Reader’s Journal, notebook paper, pen / pencil, highlighter, and outside reading novel. Reader’s Journal: Each student must have a 100 page composition book for this class! The Reader’s Journal is both a journal and an interactive notebook and is essential to the class.
Be Productive: Turn in assignments on time. Complete all assignments. Get make-upwork and missed assignments when absent. Be responsible for your own progress. Remember, “Make an effort, not an excuse.”
Be Polite: Do not talk when I am teaching. Pay attention. Do not get out of your seat when I am teaching. Be respectful of others’ personal belongings and personal space. Insults, cursing, and name-calling are not allowed. ALL STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO CONDUCT THEMSELVES IN A SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE MANNER!
Formula for Passing: Show up, prepared and on time, every day. Do the work well. Turn it in on time.

Rewards for Appropriate Conduct:

Rewards for good conduct may include the following;

  • Verbal praise
  • Home-work / class work pass
  • “Good News” call to parent
  • “Good News” note to parent
Consequences for inappropriate conduct: All students are expected to follow the Springfield High school code of conduct and dress code as outlined in the SHS student manual. Consequences will vary, based on the severity and frequency of the inappropriate conduct. Consequences may include the following;
  • Verbal warning
  • Call and/or email to parent
  • Separation from classmates
  • After-school detentions in my classroom
  • Office referral

Other Expectations and Important Information:
Reading: This is an English Reading class; therefore, lots of reading and writing will occur throughout the semester. As a class, we will read several novels, short stories, and poems; fine-tune students' grammar and mechanics of writing skills; and improve students' research and critical thinking abilities. Robertson County's independent reading program, Self-Selected Reading (SSR), is central to this class. Students are expected to read 10 self-selected books this semester. In addition to our school library, I have an extensive classroom library available to the students. Students may read books from any source – public library, borrowed from a friend, etc. Students are expected to have their novel ready for class each day.
Daily Reading: Students will read their SSR novel independently at the beginning of class each Tuesday and Thursday. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will close with SSR novel reading. Initially, students will read or 10 minutes per day; however, as the semester progresses, reading time will become longer to increase reading stamina. By the end of the semester, independent reading time will reach 20 minutes per day.
Class work / Homework / Quizzes / Projects / Tests: Many assignments will be completed in class. Class work will be turned in at the end of the period. Late class work will not be accepted. Homework will be due at the beginning of the next class period. Late homework will be accepted, however, 10 points will be deducted each day the work is late. Quizzes, projects, and tests will be given on a regular basis and at the end of each semester.
Cheating / Plagiarizing: Cheating will not be tolerated. Any student caught cheating or plagiarizing will receive a grade of “0” and the parent will be notified.
Make-Up Work: Students are responsible for collecting their own make-up work when they have been absent. Make-up work is located in date-labeled folders in a basket near the door of the classroom.
Restroom Passes: Each student will be given a restroom pass at the beginning of the semester. Each pass is valid for 5 trips to the restroom. Students may not use their restroom pass during direct instruction (when I am teaching) or during a quiz / test. Passes may only be used during their work time and only with permission.