Character's Name

1. Is the character static or dynamic? What makes you think so?
2. a. What type of person is the character?
b. What parts of the story make you feel this way about the character?
3. In what ways has society or the environment created the character?
4. How is this character's society different than yours? (*Note Remember society is more than just one person.)
5. a. How does the character appear to other characters? (Be specific about which characters.) Which Characters? Their opinions about the chosen character.
b. Is the character aware of how he/she appears to others? Yes/No? Explain.
c. How self aware is the character?
Very little 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Completely (Circle one)
Explain your choice
6. a. How does the character view his/her own world?
b. Is this view realistic? Yes No Why?
7. Would a person behave in real life like the character does in the story? Yes/No
Explain in detail.

8. a. What type of person is the author in your opinion, based upon the story or stories written.
b. What do you think led the author to write this way?
9. Is the character complex/round or simple/flat ? (*Note How many things do you know about the character? Remember: detail and variety make a character complex.)
Explain your choice.